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Reshaping Business Across The Globe
Variety of Colors
AnyShop II
15" LCD Display
Customer Display
2nd LCD Display
  • Distinguished Practiacl Design

  • Durable and Stable Stand

  • Support Secondary HDD or SDD

  • System Expandability

  • Onboard UPS (Smart Battery)

  • Easy Installation and Mantenance

  • Optimized High Performance, Energy Efficient Processor

This latest addition to the POSBANK productline sets forth a new standard by offering a sleek, modern, aesthetically pleasing design that doesn’t compromise on features and performance.The ANYSHOP II stands out from the pack with its piano black or white color schemes. Its unique L-shape modular engineering gives it unsurpassed stability and a small form factor that allows additional space at the cash wrap. The ANYSHOP II also boasts cutting edge touchscreen technology by offering anindustrial grade monitor with CapacitiveGesture-Touch and a sleek True-Flat design; this hi-tech monitor is powered by a high definition, eco-friendly LED panel that displays crisp, vibrant colors.No longer are power outages a concern with the ANYSHOP II due to its internal ‘Smart Battery’ feature which enables continued operation to save critical data. Attaching the ANYSHOP II optional peripheral devices is a cinch because of the intuitive ‘thumb-screw’ design allowing attachment of an MSR or rearcustomer display, for example, without theneed for cumbersome tools.A shortage of I/O ports with the ANYSHOP II isn’t an issue due to multiple port option configurations. And at the heart of this engineering masterpiece is an industrial grade motherboard, a blazing fast Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and a Solid State Drive for optimalperformance.

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