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  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Optional Color Case

  • Optimized High Performance, Energy Efficeint Processor

  • Multiple I/O Ports

  • Supports Secondary HDD or SDD

  • System Expandability

  • Onborad UPS (Smart Battery)

The stylish designed ANYSHOP e2 is intuitively designed so that anyone can install or replaceits optional peripheral devices easily. For example, all peripheral devices are toolless designed, simply turn a thumb screw by hand to install or remove with minimal effort. The ANYSHOP e2 also boasts the ability for easy filed servicing and upgrade due to its groundbreaking modular design that allows hassle free RAID upgrade and adding additional side USB ports a breeze. The ANYSHOP e2is also ascetically pleasing due to multiple housing colors to choose from that will matchjust about any store’s interior design. The ANYSHOP e2 POS system encompasses a userfriendly advanced designed, extreme stability, and high performance with energy efficiency technology.

AnyShop e2

Reliable, Stylish, Economic,Smartly Designed POS System
Color Case
Easy Installation
Customer Display
2nd LCD Display
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