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ANYSHOP e2Reliable, Stylish, Economic,Smartly Designed POS System
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Optional Color Case

  • Optimized High Performance, Energy Efficeint Processor

  • Multiple I/O Ports

  • Supports Secondary HDD or SDD

  • System Expandability

  • Onborad UPS (Smart Battery)

BLUOEasy to Install but StylishDesign
  • Distinguished Practiacl Design

  • Durable and Stable Stand

  • Support Secondary HDD or SDD

  • System Expandability

  • Onboard UPS (Smart Battery)

  • Easy Installation and Mantenance

  • Optimized High Performance, Energy Efficient Processor

ANYSHOP IIReshaping Businesses Across The Globe
  • Variety of Illustrious Back Cover Colors

  • Safe, Sturdy and Space-saving L-shape stand

  • Capacitive Gesture-Touch with True Flat Screen

  • Ultra thin bezel for maximum surface area and cutting edge looks

  • LED technology offers vibrant video graphics

  • Supports AMT8.0 with immediate access for remote system recovery and troubleshooting

  • Onboard UPS (Smart Battery)

ANYSHOP PROUltra High Performance with a Budget Price
  • Stylish, space saving design

  • Energy Effecient Intel Atom CPU

  • Fanless design

  • LED Technology

  • Industrial grade motherboard

  • Shock resistant HDD/SDD housing

ANYSHOPHigh Performance POS System that's adaptable to every business
  • Optimized high performance, energy effecient processor

  • Wall-mountable or standalone

  • Optional built-in camera

  • High tech cooling system

  • Optional peripherals install with ease

  • Available in variety of colors

IMPREXIncorporating Both Sophisticated Design and Complete Stability
  • All-In-One System with touch screen and integrated printer

  • Robust structure designed using industrial strength components

  • Innovative silent cooling system

  • Aluminum die cast triangular structure

  • Dual hinge monitor

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